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A Spanish company has opened the first public napping space in Madrid.
Siesta & Go promises Spaniards a quiet and restful getaway in the middle of the city’s business center.
Siesta & Go为西班牙人在马德里商业中心提供了一个安静的休憩之所。
Napping spaces are nothing new; places to rest already exist in other big cities, such as Tokyo, London, Brussels and New York. But the idea would appear to work well with the culture of Spain, where people traditionally take an afternoon nap, called a siesta.
Siesta & Go invites people to try a different place to lie down and enjoy the qualities of a short rest.
Siesta & Go邀请人们尝试在不同的环境躺下睡觉,享受高质量的小憩。
The siesta is considered one of those small pleasures of life, especially recommended in every way for its clear health benefits, the company says on its website.
The Madrid nap bar recently opened with 19 beds. They can be rented by the minute or by the hour. People can choose either a private or shared room. An hour of napping time inside a private room costs about $15.
The company also offers areas to work, as well as armchairs, newspapers and coffee for those not wishing to sleep.
Philip Marco is one happy customer. Marcos says he gets tired during the day because he has a long drive to work. He says a siesta is the perfect way to build up energy.
I come for about 30 minutes, something like that. Sleep 30 minutes and that usually is enough for me to be able to get through the evening.
Siesta & Go provides all bedding, clean nightshirts and other materials. Nappers can request to be woken up when their time is up.
Siesta & Go提供寝具、干净的睡衣和其他东西。来小憩的人可以要求叫醒服务,当时间到了的时候就会被人叫醒。
While many Spaniards love their midday naps, others like Carlos Villarroja say they are just too busy to keep this tradition.
It’s a Spanish tradition, but I think it’s more of a legend than a tradition. Because with the lifestyle we have, the working hours, the rhythm of life that all Spanish workers have, you have very little free time for a siesta, in my case, at least during the week.
But many health experts believe there is evidence that taking a short nap can be very good for the body and mind.
Guy Meadows is founder of the Sleep School, which aims to help people get better sleep. He says power naps can increase energy, improve memory and help people stay focused, along with other benefits.
Actually, we’ve seen that you can double an individual’s ability to solve a creative problem after a power nap, than if they hadn’t [napped].
Siesta & Go cites scientific studies suggesting that taking a siesta can also prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
I’m Bryan Lynn.