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Las Vegas: One Year After America’s Worst Mass Shooting by an Individual 2018-10-0256934




It’s Lacey West’s wedding day.The most stressful, exciting day of my life.And it’s this same weekend as the worst day of her life one year ago.
这天是Lacey West的婚礼。这是我生命中最紧张、最激动的日子。一年前的这周,却是她生命中最糟的时候。
Lacey and her mom Elizabeth were running from bullets at a country music concert in Las Vegas.The shooter firing from this angle on an upper floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort, killed 58 and injured more than 800.We had no clue that it was just an aerial attack that we were never really out of danger.Now we had the tattoos put on our forearms where we had linked to arms when we ran through the venues, so this is where we linked arms, so that’s why the tattoos are where they are.Just remember to smile and enjoy that moment.
But a year later, Lacey and Josh are creating joyful memories to replace her nightmare.It just touches my heart because it was such a difficult time for us to go through.Having my anniversary be the, the memory every year leading into October 1st will just be the reminder of how my life changed so much from that event, that it led me to my happiness.Lacey and Elizabeth have changed, so has the city.For gamblers and tourists, the Las Vegas Strip may look the same, but security experts say it’s what you don’t see that keeps you safe.There’s a lot of security that’s not in security uniforms.We took David Shepherd on a ride down the strip to point out safety updates.
但是一年后,Lacey和Josh想创造快乐的回忆,取代她的噩梦。这触动了我的心,因为那对我们来说,那段时期真的很困难。有了周年纪念日,每年10月1号前都会提醒我,枪击案后我的生活是发生怎样巨大的变化,这让我感到幸福。Lacey和伊丽莎白变了,这个城市亦如此。对于赌徒和游客来说,拉斯维加斯大道可能看起来和以前一样,但安全专家表示,你看不到的东西正在守护着你的安全。这里有很多穿便衣的安保。我们开车带着David Shepherd在大道上走,让他指出安全升级的设施。
Before starting his own firm, he headed the security at the Venetian, the world’s second biggest Hotel and Casino.This is a little white thing. That’s a camera.Don’t afraid. They don’t have cameras at bathrooms.Shepherd says some hotels have installed sensors that alarm if someone breaks a window, like Steven Paddock did for his shooting perch.Mandalay Bay has renumbered its floors to eliminate Paddocks’ 32nd floor and his suite will never be rented to tourists.Sidewalks are lined with barriers to prevent vehicles from ramming into crowds.Restaurants also felt the pain.
Ricky and Jen Ruff serve up Filipino food in the shadow of the Mandalay.Business here dropped far around 20 percent and it dropped because people just want to mourn it. The same with James Ramos is real estate deals.It drastically affected the tourism that was coming into town.But both businesses have since rebounded.The 58 crosses have moved from the grass at the beginning of the strip to a spot next to 58 portraits of the victims.Each painted by a different artist.Both memorials are breathtaking in magnitude in a city still working to heal and find hope.A year after the tragedy.
在曼德勒海湾枪击案的阴影下,Ricky和Jen Ruff 向人们提供菲律宾美食。这里的营业额远下降了超过百分之二十,因为人们就只是过来悼念。James Ramos 的房产业情况也不乐观。枪击案严重影响了城市的旅游业。但是两家公司后来情况有所好转。人们已经把58个十字架从大道进口移到各个受害者的肖像的旁边。每个人的肖像都是由不同的艺术家绘制而成。在这样一个仍在努力自愈并寻找希望的城市中,这两座纪念碑的规模实在令人叹为观止。悲剧发生一年后。
Carolyn Presutti, VOA News, Las Vegas Nevada.
美国之音新闻,Carolyn Presutti,拉斯维加斯内华达报道。