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More Dependence on Internet Leads to More Cyberattacks Worldwide 2017-09-0153882




From the power grid, to major corporations, no one anywhere in the world is immune to cyberattacks, and the problem is growing.
“The internet is becoming more and more integrated into our lives every single day, and we as citizens and we as corporations and governments are becoming more interconnected and using the internet as part of that backbone of communication and collaboration.This means that there’s increased attack surface for those who wish to be malicious.”
More independence and digital information on the web means greater financial gain for criminals.In the last year, there has been an increase in cases of ransomware.
“It’s becoming easier and easier in part because the tool kits needed to break into many of these systems are becoming more readily accessible on the dark web.”
Tracking down the criminals is not easy.
“We do think that reporting cyber intrusions is underreported to law enforcement, whether it’s the FBI, Secret Service or another entity.I think it’s a business decision. They’re concerned about the publicity.”
Federal and state laws on reporting breaches are vague.
Much of what happens in the case of businesses is they don’t necessarily know what information has been disclosed,and they sort of, perhaps intentionally, lay a blind eye to that to say,Well, we don’t know that personal identifiable information has been disclosed, all that we know is someone got into our system,’"
The FBI says that people doing the hacking range from criminals who want money to hackers with geopolitical motivations.
“Clearly there are nation states that are involved in the cyber activity who are interested in stealing our trade secrets,our proprietary information that our companies are developing, our secrets within our government.”
“Most cyberattacks require multiple weaknesses or vulnerabilities of some form in order to be able to reach the final goal of the attacker.One of the greatest weaknesses of any corporate network is the human element.”
So it’s not a matter of if an attack will happen, but when.
The FBI says building partnerships is critical. So there can be a plan before an attack occurs.
Another way to prepare is to rethink how systems on the web are designed.
Understand that individuals are going to get in, but make sure that the structures of the systems are designed to contain the damage that can occur.”
So when one part of a system is compromised, the entire system is not affected and can still be operational.
Elizabeth Lee, VOA news, Los Angeles.