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Entrepreneur’s Big Dream Realized in ’Tiny House of Fashion’ 2017-09-0362124




This is The Tiny House of Fashion, the business Danelle Johnson has always dreamed of having.
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Johnson worked in Los Angeles where fashion trucks are popular.That inspired her to return to her home state, Virginia, and — this January — start a mobile fashion business.
“The theme is ’We’re tiny, but we dream big.’Everywhere I go and they see this tiny house, people want to know ‘What is that?’ ‘That is so cool!’ trying to figure out what it is.And then once they see it, ’oh, wow and you have a boutique,’ they automatically think it is amazing.So being mobile, I think, really helps, and it separated myself from a mall location.”
As amazing as it is, there are chanllenges starting with driving to locations around Woodbridge, Virginia.
“The biggest thing of course is pulling a trailer, I’ve never had to pull a trailer until I decided to do this.Also securing things when I’m moving and driving down the street, I have to secure all of the clothing,secure the mirror that I also made to make sure nothing falls and nothing breaks.”
Floor-to-ceiling glass windows let in natural light, which helps brighten the small space where Johnson displays her wares.
“All of the clothes are made in the U.S.. So I like to do a lot of research on different clothing.I also design clothes. So I’m also going to have local designers design for me.”
“So this is our fitting room here.”
“I was on Facebook and one of my friends said, ‘Share the post that she put up about it.’And so I was like, ‘where is that?’And she said, ‘Just google it and you’ll be able to find out the address anytime that she put it in cause it’s always moving.
Alicia Jones is a return customer.
“If you look at the clothes, it is nothing that you find just by going to a store, anything like that.I see some things online, but you never know how it’s going to fit, especially me being short.”
Dominique Arielle Duncan modeled her friend’s designs at The Tiny House of Fashion’s Grand Opening fashion show in June,and is happy that Johnson’s business is doing so well.
“I think she is already doing a great job with expanding and finding different locations to set up.So as long as she keeps doing that, she’s on the right track.”
“We are tiny, but we dream big…”
Danelle Johnson’s family and friends show a lot of support.They are spreading the word about The Tiny House of Fashion by social media and music.


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