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Saudis Admit the Death of Khashoggi; Crown Prince in Charge of Investigation 2018-10-2281145




Saudi Arabia has admitted the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and says Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be in charge of a one-month investigation.The Saudi government says it has fired five senior officials and arrested 18 other Saudis as a result of an initial investigation into the death.Those fired include a close advisor to the Crown Prince Saud al-Qahtani and deputy intelligence chief Major General Ahmed al-Assiri.The bombshell news happened overnight Saturday in Riyadh.In Washington on Friday protesters marched from the White House to the State Department to demand a tougher response from the Trump administration to Turkish reports that Khashoggi was murdered and dismembered inside his Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October second by a fifteen member squad of Saudis flown in and out the same day.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting Tuesday with the Saudi Crown Prince came under criticism from some US lawmakers and human rights activists.Pompeo defended his meetings with the Saudis in an interview with VOA contributor Greta Van Susteren Friday in Mexico City.When I traveled to Saudi Arabia I met with the king. I met with the Crown Prince at great length. I met with foreign ministers Jubeir.And I made very clear to them that the United States takes this matter very seriously.That we don’t approve of extrajudicial killings.That we don’t approve of that kind of activity.
美国国务卿迈克·蓬佩奥周二与沙特王储的会晤受到了一些美国议员和人权活动人士的批评。蓬佩奥周五在墨西哥城接受美国之音撰稿人格蕾塔·范·苏斯特伦的采访时,为其与沙特的会晤进行了辩护。在出访沙特阿拉伯时,我会见了国王与外长朱比尔,与王储进行了长时间的会晤。And I made 我向他们明确表示,美国非常重视这一问题。我们不赞成法外处决。不赞成此类行动。
That it is it’s not something consistent with American values and that it is their responsibility as this incident happened in their consulate.Former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia James Smith remains skeptical that the administration will make a principled stand on human rights with the Kingdom.This administration has defined a transactional relationship with Saudi Arabia where before we had a strategic relationship with them.And in my time there, we could have conversations about women’s rights, human rights, the public space.None of that is going on now because it is a transactional relationship focused mainly about money.
A bipartisan group of US Senators has taken a more forceful tone.Republicans have been tougher I think vocally out front then the Democrats have.And there is actually one of the few issues in Washington.There’s bipartisan support may be the only one.Washington must now decide how to respond to the developments coming out of Saudi Arabia.After Riyadh had claimed for two weeks they had no idea what happened to Jamal Khashoggi.
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