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Defiance, Fear Loom Large as London District Becomes Focus of UK Terror Probe 2017-06-1250063


The eastern suburb of Barking epitomizes multi-cultural London.But the area has been rocked by revelations the Saturday’s terror attack was carried out by men from this community.
One of the attackers, twenty-seven-year-old Khuram Shazad Butt, lived in this apartment block with his wife and two young children.
27岁的Khuram Shazad Butt是本次袭击中的一员,周六的事件发生之前,他和妻子还有两个孩子就住在这栋公寓楼里面。
One resident of the same apartment block says she complained about the suspect to police two years ago after he tried to convert her son to Islam as he played with a group of friends in the local park.
Local residents who knew him say Butt once worshipped at the nearby Jabir Bin Zayd mosque,but was thrown out after a confrontation with the imam.
有认识Butt的当地居民称,他曾经到附近的Jabir Bin Zayd清真寺做过礼拜,但因为与伊玛目对峙而被赶了出去。
Community leaders say local mosques are united in their condemnation of the attack.
“All the community leaders, all the mosque authorities, they were saying very strongly that we will not spare anybody if someone does this (terrorism).They are concerned, and they are serious, I think, and also community people are also serious,because it is harming them, and it is negative for them.”
Opposite the mosque, the British flag hangs at half-staff on the Saint Margaret’s Church of England school.Just down the road lies the East London Sikh Gurdwara,Barking residents told VOA all faiths live together in harmony - but many here are shaken.
“To tell you the truth, I’m scared to go out to the station now.You can’t even go in the bus now because you are scared.”
Muslim communities reject any link with Saturday’s attack, many fear a backlash against their faith.
“It’s a very friendly environment, the people living here, and there is no such extremism.It’s unacceptable only the Muslims are being targeted around the world, not only in the Britain.So they should look, that Muslims are being slaughtered around the world.So how is it possible only the Muslims, they are the bad people and the rest is very good people?”
Intelligence services say the two named attackers were known - but there was no evidence an attack was imminent.
Authorities are investigating whether others in the community knew of or helped conceal their extremism.Muslim leaders reject any link with the terrorists and maintain they are cooperating fully with police.
Henry Ridgwell,for VOA news, London.