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As a visitor to Green Bank, it becomes apparent that you have to navigate the old-fashioned way: by reading road signs.That’s because GPS comes to a screeching halt as you approach this West Virginia town,which has two churches, an elementary school, a library and the world’s largest radio telescope.
很明显,到格林班克的游客不得不回归老式的驾驶方式,自己读认路标。这是因为当你靠近西维吉尼亚小镇的时候,GPS 会停止工作。这个小镇有两个教堂、一个小学、一个图书馆,还有世界上最大的电波望远镜。
Sherry manages the largest store in Green Bank, she was born here so the lack of WIFI connection is normal for her.We’ve never really had it, so most people would probably say we do it in the old-fashioned way,even though it is not the old-fashioned way, it’s just the way of living.”
On the store wall, an artifact from the past ... a phone attached to a wall jack ... the only way to call someone in Green Bank.
No modern wireless convenience here, Green Bank is frozen in time, somewhere in the 1950s. That is because there’s a 33,000-square-kilometer zone of silence.The closer you get to the telescope, the greater the restrictions.There’s a 16-kilometer radius around the Observatory where radio-controlled items, even toys, cannot be used.
This equipment I can actually look….to mind you the weak signal that could be interfering with the telescopes.
“ 这个设备可以提示你那些影响到望远镜的微小信号。”
John Bauserman acts as the technical policeman. If he suspects there is an unauthorized signal, he drives to the house and inspects it for prohibited devices.Telescope police even works in a special room, much like a submarine .
John Bauserman 是这里的技术警察。如果他怀疑有非法信号,他就会开车去房屋附近观察是否有违禁设备。望远镜警察甚至在一个特殊的房间工作,有点像潜水艇。
This is the electrical submarine if you will, no electric waves could get into this room, none of them could get out of this room.
In the room, the walls are covered with coppers, same for the windows.Even the microwave oven has to be cabined into a special metal box.
“The power worked until that door is locked.”
The job of the scientists is to minimize the impact of the outside interference on radio telescope.Holstine says only once a week, when there’s regularly scheduled maintenance,can some prohibited devices be allowed near the telescope.The size of a football field, the telescope is so sensitive it could pick up signals sent from an alien world.
All the signals that we detect with the telescope so far,are just generated by unintelligent stars, galaxies, things of the universe. We have never detected anything from intelligent civilizations."
Local people respect the work of the scientists, and they are more than happy to live life Wi-Fi-free.
“You know, instead of sitting here on our phones, we just get out for fishing and hanging and going to each other’s houses.”
For the latest news, residents read the weekly local newspaper.When she’s looking for a phone number, Sherry reaches for the phone book.And instead of Facebook, Sherry enjoys daily conversations with her customers.In this town, everyone knows each other and communication is face to face.
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