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Deplorable Prison Conditions in Iran 2017-09-0962136


Next, an editorial reflecting the views of the United States government.
Imprisonment for peaceful political activity, religious belief, or for defending a fellow citizen’s rights is a horror and a travesty.In Iran, the horror is accentuated by the brutal treatment, appalling living conditions and lack of medical care too often visited upon political prisoners.
Human rights monitors have recently voiced concern over the well-being of more than a dozen such prisoners who have gone on hunger strikes to protest horrendous conditions in the notorious Raja’i Shahr prison.In July, over 50 political prisoners were reportedly transferred without notice to a new area,with windows covered by metal sheets, little access to clean drinking water, food, beds, or medicine.The prisoners included human rights activists, trade unionists, journalists, students, peaceful dissidents, and members of Iran’s persecuted Baha’i community, according to Amnesty International.
近日,人权监察员对十多位政治犯的身心状况表示担忧,后者被监禁于臭名昭著的Raja’i Shahr监狱,他们因极端恶劣的监狱环境而进行绝食抗议。据报道,七月份伊朗有五十多名政治犯在毫不知情的情况下被转移到了新地区,在那里,窗户被金属片封死,几乎没有干净的饮用水、食物、床铺和药物。据国际特赦组织报道,这些被监禁者包括人权活动家、工团主义者、记者、学生、和平的持不同政见者、以及受迫害的伊朗巴哈伊团体成员。
“The fact that detention conditions have become so poor that desperate prisoners feel they are forced to go on hunger strike to demand the most basic standards of human dignity is disgraceful,” said Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Director for Amnesty International.
“伊朗监狱条件如此糟糕,竟逼得犯人们绝望到以绝食的方式去争取最基本的人格尊严,这实在是让人觉得可耻,”国际特赦组织中东与南非区副主任Magdalena Mughrabi如是说。
In a late August interview with the Center for Human Rights in Iran, the mother of one of the prisoners, Jafar Eghdami,said her son had been on hunger strike for almost 30 days and could barely stand or walk.
在八月底对伊朗人权中心的一次采访中,一名被监禁者的母亲Jafar Eghdami说,她的儿子已经绝食了将近三十天,现在几乎不能站立或走路了。
Asma Jahangir, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran,says she is “deeply alarmed” by reports of the deteriorating medical conditions of the prisoners on hunger strike in Raja’i Shahr and of their continuing “torture and ill-treatment.”She called on Iranian authorities to find a “prompt solution to the extreme situation,” one “ensuring full respect for [the prisoners’] dignity.”
联合国伊朗人权情况特别报告员Asma Jahangir表示,她对于一些报道“深感震惊” ,其报道了Raja’i Shahr监狱被监禁者因日益恶化的医疗条件而绝食抗议、以及他们持续受到“酷刑与虐待”她呼吁伊朗当局能够找到“及时解决极端状况”的办法,以“确保被监禁者的尊严得到充分的尊重。”
In its annual human rights report on Iran, the United States also noted the “harsh and life-threatening conditions” in Iran’s prisons,including “commonly reported methods of torture and abuse,” such as severe and repeated beatings, overcrowding, sexual humiliation and denial of medical care.
Earlier this year Secretary of State Rex Tillerson expressed the hope that during Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s second term,Iran would restore to the Iranian people their fundamental rights.
美国国务卿Rex Tillerson在今年早些时候就表示,希望在伊朗总统哈桑尼的第二任期间,伊朗可以恢复伊朗人民的基本权利。
Such a life necessitates the release of all political prisoners unjustly held in Iran, as well as the reformation of Iran’s prison practices to conform to Iran’s own laws and the international standards agreed to by the government.