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Three, two, one.Space is turning into a busy place.It’s a bit of renascence, a bit of space, to point now. Finally the commercial sector is starting to come back and do some really interesting things.Things that aim to not only benefit future humans in space but also people currently on earth.So we put up about 200 satellites that image the entire Earth’s landmass each day.So satellite imagery prior to us was taken every year or a few years.These images show the building progress of Tesla’s Gigafactory over the course of a year.
三 二 一太空愈加繁忙了。现在说起来,这有点复兴的意味。最终,商业部开始重回舞台,做点有意思的事,这些事不仅有利于未来太空中的人类,也有利于如今地球上的人们。所以我们每天大约安排200颗卫星,拍摄整个地球大地。因此,我们每年或者每几年都会用到之前的卫星图像。这些图像展示了特斯拉超级工厂一年的工程进展。
This is a port in Egypt. This technology has real-world applications that directly or indirectly affect life on Earth.You can use that data to improve crop yields, so farmers can use it to decide when to add fertilizer, when to add water, water, because we can tell crop yield from orbit, or it could be used by commercial consumer mapping companies that are trying to improve their maps you see online, or it could be used by governments for a wide range of things from border security to disaster response.Other satellites are used for purposes of national security.
We just launched a few months ago a satellite, just like this, but also have laser communication.We were able to send it 200 megabits per second, high data rates down to the ground and the ability through satellites to actually talk to each other.It seems that satellites that are being put up to look at the earth.It looked around your neighborhood.
You know your neighborhood are watched, so benefit national security, space situation, in awareness.Another object orbiting Earth is the International Space Station, a place of great interest to some major companies in research institutions.The U.S. ISS National Laboratory and the astronauts inside conduct a wide range of experiments that would not be possible on earth.When you remove the gravity vector out of the equation which is what we’re used to here on earth, we see certain impacts and, and phenomena associated with that such as lack of sedimentation, lack of convection, lack a buoyancy.The International Space Station orbits the earth 16 times a day, with the exposure to extreme temperatures and radiation,which provides a unique environment for experiments.
Some experiments on the ISS such as this one to help patients with bone loss may benefit life on Earth,but the findings can also help with future human explorations in deep space.Looking at bone loss and muscle wasting in a space environment,and the effects that a microgravity environment can have on our biological systems.There are so much opportunities right now in space, and Mars is one of those opportunities.
While NASA works on sending humans to the Moon and Mars, the space near Earth and beyond will get busier as businesses capitalized on this final frontier.Elizabeth Lee VOA news Los Angeles


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