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VR Transports Students Back to the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Attack 2018-08-1043755


The date August 6, 1945, the city Hiroshima in the sky, the Enola Gay dropping the world’s first atomic bomb on a populated city.
But the devastating fires and the burning buildings are not real. A group of students from the Fukuyma Technical High School has reproduced a VR simulation.
On the sights and sounds that people experience minutes before and after the atomic bomb fell.
These students were born long after the incident that they hoped that through projects like this they can share a message of peace.
Working on it has given them a deeper understanding of the consequences and the aftermath of war.
When I was creating the buildings before the atomic bomb fell, I saw many photos of buildings that were gone afterwards. I really felt how scary atomic bombs can be.So while creating the scenery, I felt like it was really important to share this with others.
Using VR headsets users can participate in a five-minute virtual experience of walking through what used to be Hiroshima and sea shops and buildings that used to stand in the city center.
Even without language once you see the images, people can understand.That is definitely one of the merits of this VR experience.
Their teacher says finishing the project was a race against time for these students, especially because the survivors of Hiroshima are getting older.
We are really experiencing the aging population of the atomic bomb victims’ first end. That is why speed is of importance.
We are creating a prototype. And upon hearing their testimonies, we are also creating the detailed final version at the same time.
This means more work for the students.But in order to show to people an accurate version, I think it’s an important part of the work.
The students say they wanted to recreate a realistic depiction of the first atom bomb ever used in a populated city and share it with the rest of the world to make sure it never happens again.
I’m Faith Lapidus VOA news