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Forget About Buying a House, Some See Advantages to Co-Living 2018-09-05101062


Brazilian sculptor Tacia Duarte followed her dream to New York City where she found new partners, new projects, and a family.I came here, here by myself, and now I have friends. I have people to be projects with, great networking, especially here, in New York where you can feel lonely even like being around a lot of people.
Duarte lives in one of the eight co-living homes owned by the Outpost Club in Brooklyn.Its co-founders Sergii Starostin, a native Ukraine, says Duarte is a typical client.He says co-living is geared toward people 25 to 40 years of age those between jobs, relationships, or new to the city.We live in a society where we are connected digitally but lonely socially.We can have thousands of online friends and followers but nobody to talk to or to have a glass of beer or coffee.
杜阿尔特住在布鲁克林前哨俱乐部里的一间屋子里,这里共有八个合住屋子。合住屋子的联合创始人Sergii Starostin是乌克兰本土人,他说Duarte是一个典型的客户。他表示,合住是面向25至40岁的工作人士、情侣和城市初来者。我们生活在网络上联通、现实里淡漠的社会中。我们也许有数以千计的网友或者粉丝,但是却找不到可以聊天、饮酒或者喝咖啡的人。
Renting co-living space is often cheaper than renting an apartment.The leases are more flexible and the arrangement gives tenants a sense of community.For example, we have people who come to New York to learn to program.They are 40 years old. They don’t know anybody in the city.The residents often take part in shared activities from playing basketball to visiting museums all organized by a house leader.As house leader, you’ve been given the responsibility to help new people move in, help people visit the house, and sort of help them understand what color the living is and why it’s important,that you know, you know, as a member we all help each other to, you know, give each other a good social experience.I program events for the house or going to be having a barbecue soon, and you know we do a lot of athletic stuff too.But what if you don’t like your housemates.
Starostin says house leaders are trained to resolve conflicts and applicants are screened to weed out troublemakers.The Outpost Club also hires a cleaning company to eliminate the most common causes of household’s disputes, cleaning duties.Residents can also request to move to another shared home, but software engineer Oscar Ochoa says he enjoys the company.You get people that stay for a couple weeks or a month.I’ve been staying with them for nine months, and you know, I’ve been I’ve got to meet so many people as they come and go and it’s that’s like one of the very nice things about it.
The outpost club which started just two years ago is now the third biggest in New York City.Starostin and his partners believe the popularity of co-living is bound to grow as homes become more expensive,and with more young people delaying marriage and home buying plans,the new living arrangements may signal the natural evolution of the American Dream.
I’m Joy Wagner for Tatiana Vorozhko VOA news New York City
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