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US Midterm Campaign Enters Final Week Amid Tension, Uncertainty 2018-11-0465451


In Pittsburgh, a tearful vigil for the victims of the mass shooting at the “Tree of Life” synagoguefrom President Trump, a condemnation of violence and a plea for unity.
We condemn the historic evil of anti-semitism and every other form of evil,and unfortunately evil comes in many forms, and we come together as one American people.
The synagogue shooting and the arrest of a man charged with sending pipe bombs to prominent Democrats and Trump criticshave heightened tensions and uncertainty in the final days of the midterm campaign, says analyst John Hudak.
分析师John Hudak表示,在中期选举的最后几天,犹太教堂发生枪击事件以及土制炸弹寄送知名民主党人物和特朗普批评者的男子遭到逮捕都加剧了中期选举的紧张局势和不确定性。
Well, the country is in pain.This is a set of circumstances that unfortunately happens in America all too regularly,that is acts of violence and acts of aggression toward fellow Americans by Americans.
Former Vice President Joe Biden is among those calling for calm.
前副总统Joe Biden呼吁大家保持冷静。
I know sometimes these days, the anger, the hatred, the viciousness seem like they’re gonna overwhelm us.
And it’s on our leaders to set the tone, to dial down the temperature, to restore some dignity to our national dialogue.
A vote for Democrats is also a vote to destroy Medicare.
Some Democrats say the president’s partisan attacks have contributed to the politically charged atmosphere.
Not true, says White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.
但是事实并非如此,白宫新闻秘书Sarah Sanders表示。
The very first thing the media did was blame the president and make him responsible for these ridiculous acts.
That is outrageous, that that would be the very first reaction.
For his part, Trump has vowed to campaign aggressively right up to Election Day on issues important to his supporters like immigration.
The Democrat Party is openly encouraging, millions of illegal aliens to break our laws, violate our borders and bankrupt our country.
That’s what has to happen.
I did 50 town halls, you know what people talked about in those town halls, health care.
Democrats have focused on health care for much of the campaign, but Trump also looms large, says Jim Kessler.
Jim Kessler表示,民主党人在大部分竞选活动中都注重医疗,但是特朗普也贡献突出。
Democrats want to make this about health care and the tax bill and about Donald Trump and let’s face it.This is going to be about Donald Trump.
Democrats expect to make gains in the House of Representatives,but Republicans are favored to hold their narrow majority in the Senate, says John Fortier.
John Fortier表示,民主党人希望在众议院获益,但共和党人有利于在参议院中获微弱多数优势。
And some of what has happened in recent days with the Cavanaugh hearings and Republicans kind of coming home as a party are helping in that area,so it’ll be mostly a win for Democrats but with a probably bright spot in the Senate for Republicans.
The stakes are enormous.
A Democratic House could block the Trump agenda and launch numerous investigations of the Trump White House,complicated president’s re-election hopes in 2020.
Jim Malone VOA News Washington
美国之音新闻,Jim Malone,华盛顿报道。